Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hidden Gem and The Resurgence in Independent Publishing

It seems to be a vibrant time for independent publishing in the North West, and the UK in general. I'm not sure whether it's because of or despite the recession and the cuts to the Arts. IN any case we don't seem to be suffering from the winter blues where the prospects of publishing are concerned. In fact there seems to be a feeling of Spring and renewal; a resurgence in independent publishing.

This feeling was certainly felt at the launch of Manchester's newest independent artisan publisher, The Hidden Gem, which Claire Massey and I were honoured to read at last Thursday in support of Emma Jane Unsworth. Her novel Hungry, The Stars and Everything is to be published by The Hidden Gem in June.

It was a wonderful event; there was a celebratory atmosphere and the audience was left wanting more of Hungry. Read more about Emma Unsworth at her blog here. And check out The Hidden Gem here for more details about the press and a few pics of the launch.


  1. wow, you've given your blog a make-over. It looks more wordpress than blogspot. Chic. Nice to catch up with you at the Hidden Gem event. I'll let you know if there's a 117 festive meal!
    Beccy the blogspotter x

  2. Thanks Beccy. Not sure how I managed the make-over. It's taken me months to figure out hwo to do anything blogging. Will be back in 117 in the New Year xx