Wednesday, 27 April 2011

on not writing your blog

I'm not sure how other writers keep up a blog while trying to finish a book. It takes all my energy to just write the book, never mind write about writing it.But then I'm not sure how a lot of people manage to do a lot of things. Like opening beer bottles with a lighter. Or going through doors. Have problems with doors. Opening them, and then there's door etiquette. Who lets who go through. Always tricky. Anyway, back to writing about not writing. I'm in the final edits...well almost final edits, and I have an ace cover, which you could use to get through passport control. What you want in a book is usefulness, I say.

It was an absolute pleasure to read at the 'Between War and Wishful Thinking' event with Larissa Boehning at the Bluecoats a couple of weeks ago. You can read about it here, and some of the stuff we said here.

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